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Our permit management services include researching the jurisdiction gathering and submitting all legal forms, plans and any authorizations needed, following the permit through the approval process, handling corrections as necessary, and delivering the finalized permit to your location or job site. And we’ll provide detailed weekly reports regarding the status of all your submittals and permits.
Our permit expediting service allows us to turn permits around more quickly in one of several ways. First, because of our vast experience in the south Florida markets, providing physical presence at the city planning department where necessary. Secondly, being our tenor, we hold extensive relationship within each county and city jurisdiction, and because our deep understanding of the most up to date city, county and local municipality ever changing permits.
Whether a Commercial, Multi-Family, and/or a Residential Developer a building master permit will be needed when a contractor is ready to build such a plan. Master Permits provide an official permanent record of the work to be preformed and provide mechanism for inspections to take place on a project. Our experts have mastered complex permit conditions while helping you remain on-time and on budget.
When developers face challenges on the scheduled designed timelines, they have the option to hire a third party independent private provider to conclude the phase permit review alongside the local municipality. The intent of the law is clearly to provide an alternate process to help expedite the permitting and inspections of the new development. We bring multiple areas of the permitting process under one roof, drawing on a diverse experience of our principals and our affiliated private providers. Working collaboratively across teams allows us to execute large-scale projects in various markets.
Our team of experienced expeditors are trained to manage the sub-permit activities including but not limited to: Electrical, Mechanical, Pluming, Fire, Solar, Windows/Doors, Roofing and Shop Drawing submittal alongside ownership. This allows us to make decisions in a timely manner, which we know is crucial in large-scale real estate development projects and when opening a business.
Local business tax is the evidence that the building complies substantially with the city, county, and state requirements. It consists of the certificate of occupancy and certificate of use. Our team brings a deep understanding of the licensing process, creating the ultimate experience for business operators.
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