Partner / Chief Underwriting Officer

Aleksandra Gradova

Aleksandra Gradova is a partner and chief underwriting officer at 305 Permits. She is responsible for the technical underwriting guidelines in compliance with all external controls, regulations, and requirements. Leads and oversees quality assurance, while monitoring and implementing necessary updates to policy forms, permits, licensing, plan submission and revisions to ensure our development partners are informed by the latest legal and regulatory developments. Prior to 305 Permits, Gradova served as a senior level leader and underwriter with over 10 years’ experience in the permit construction industry. Her name stands behind hundreds of permits obtained and buildings built throughout Miami Dade and Broward county. Gradova loves serving the growth of the developments she represents, where it has become a way of life in improving communities where her kids may grow. She is a true subject matter expert in her space monitoring and recommending, in coordination with construction project managers, general contractors, developers, engineers, architects, commercial realtors, asset managers and owners. Gradova received a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Audit from South Ural State University.